{100} Sad Love Status for Whatsapp || Heart Broken 2016

This is a worst part of any relationship. Couples try many time to resolve issue but unfortunately every time that thing not happen you want. We have posted a beautiful collection of SAD QUOTES OR SAD STATUS for those who want to express their feeling. Hope you like these WHATSAPP SAD STATUS OR WHATSAPP LOVE STATUS
Only You Can Put A Smile On My Face When I Am Sad.
No Matter How Much You Have Hurt Me, I Still Pray For You Every Night.
I Like To Listen To Sad Music When I’m Sad To Make Me Double Sad.
Why Am I So Afraid To Lose You When You Are Not Even Mine?
My Silence Spoke A Thousand Words, But You Never Heard Them..
I Still Have Feelings For You. Not Enough To Want You Back, But Enough To Make It Hurt.
I Fell For You, But You Didn’t Catch Me.
Here’s My Heart, I’ll Let You Break It.
Smile And No One Will See How Broken You Are Inside.
All It Takes Is 1 Song To Bring Back 1,000 Memories.
My Heart Was Taken By You, Broken By You, And Now It Is In Pieces Because Of You.
It’s Never Going To Be The Same Again. And That’s Whats Killing Me.
I’m Missing Something In My Life These Days
That Sad Moment When You Realize Your Childhood Is Over.
I Am The One That Said “goodbye”, It’s Over” But I’m The One Crying.
Never Let The Pain From Your Past Punish Your Present And Paralyze Your Future.
As I’m Trying To Make Everyone Else Happy I’m Making Myself Miserable In The Process
There’s Still Only One Person Who Hasn’t Given Up On Me. God, Thank You For Loving Me.
The Hardest Part In Life Is Trying To Show The Smile You Know Is Fake And To Hide The Tears That Won’t Stop.
Why Does It Always Have To Be The One That You Love The Most Hits You The Hardest?
I Am Not Just Another Toy You Can Play With Wen All Your Other Toys Are Broken.
I Will Wait Till The Day I Can Forget You Or The Day You Realize You Can’t Forget Me.
Sometimes Tears Means Unspoken Happiness And Smile Means Silent Pain.
Sometimes People Have To Cry Out All Their Tears, To Make Room For A Heart Full Of Smiles.
Worst Feeling Is Not Being Lonely. It’s Being Forgotten By Someone You Could Not Forget.
Why Sad Over One Thing When You Have Millions Of Other Reasons To Be Happy?
Sometimes The Dry Tears Are Still Wet, Only Because They Are Falling Inside Our Hearts.
You’ll Never Realize The Value Of What You Have, Until What You Have Is No Longer Yours.
People Are Lonely Because They Build Walls Instead Of Bridges..
It’s Weird How The Happiest Memories Drive You To Tears..
People Are Lonely Because They Build Walls Instead Of Bridges..
The Hardest Thing Is To Hurt Yourself For The Sake Of Others’ Happiness..
I Was Your Cure And You Were My Disease. I Was Saving You, And You Were Killing Me.
It Is Sad When The Person Who Gave You The Best Memories Become A Memory.
Always Feels Like Is Going The Wrong Way On A One Way Street…
My Silence Spoke A Thousand Words, But You Never Heard Them..
Hiding Your Feelings Is Not The Easy Way Out But Sometimes It’s The Only Thing You Can Do.
It Takes Ten Times As Long To Put Yourself Back Together As It Does To Fall Apart.
One Day, You Will Wake Up Realizing How Much I Mean To You. When That Day Comes, I Might Have Woken Up With Someone Else.
The Sad Part Isn’t That We Never Talk, Its That We Used To Talk Everyday.
I Feel Crappy Inside, Like Something Just Broke..
I Never Felt True Love Until I Was With You, And I Never Felt True Sadness Until You Left Me
I Would Wait Till The End Of Time To Be With You.
Even Though We Are Apart, My Love For You Will Never Abate.
Just Be Glad That It Was Once Yours.
I May Not Be The Best But I Love You Better Than The Rest. Let’s Make Up And Be Together Again.
My World Is A Better Place Because Of You. Don’t Walk Away.
Forget About Me, Erase Me, Don’t Even Think Back. Because One Day When You Let Your Mind Slip, You’ll Remember Me And Realize That You Should Have Held On.

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