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Disappointments Are Just God’s Way Of Saying “i have Got Something Better.” Be Patient, Live Life, Have Faith.

Love Is When You Look Into Someone’s Eyes And See Everything You Need.

Don’t Worry About People That Are In Your Past, There’s A Reason Why They Didn’t Make It To Your Future.

Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tyre. You Can’t Reach Anywhere Until You Change It.

The Longest You Hide Your Feelings For Someone, The More You Fall For Them.

My Phone Is Like My Lover. It Is The First Thing I See In The Morning And The Last Thing I See At Night.

It Doesn’t Matter How Nice You Are, As Soon As You Leave The Room There’s Always Going To Be Someone Who Talk About You.

Stop Letting People Who Do So Little For You Control So Much Of Your Mind, Feelings And Emotions.

When We Are No Longer Able To Change A Situation, We Are Challenged To Change Ourselves.

Crazy Whatsapp Status

The Secret To Success Is To Start From Scratch And Keep Scratching.

Smile, It Is The Second Best Thing You Can Do With Your Lips.

In 2013 I’m Going To Sit Back, Watch The Movie 2012 And Laugh..

If You Are Giving Your All To One Person And It Is Not Enough, You Are Giving It To The Wrong Person.

I Don’t Care How Many People Are In The World But I Only Want You.

I Love My Relationship With My Bed. No Commitment Needed. We Just Sleep Together Every Night.

Cool Whatsapp Status

We All Have That One Person We Would Take Back In A Second, No Matter How Much They Hurt Us In The Past. And For Me, My Love, That’s You.

Do You Know I Was Born The Day I Met You?… And Died The Day You Left Me…

It Takes A Strong Heart To Love. It Takes A Stronger Heart To Continue To Love After It Has Been Hurt…like Mine.

Let’s Put Things Back As They Were! I Am Sorry And I Can’t Live Without You.

Being Away From You Is The Hardest Thing I Have Experienced.

I Miss You Even More Than I Could Have Believed; And I Was Prepared To Miss You A Good Deal.

I Wish That You Were Here Or That I Was There. I Wish That We Were Together Anywhere.

Love Makes Life So Confusing, But Would You Want To Live Without It? Let’s Get Back Together Again.

How Am I Supposed To Move On When Every Time I See You, I Fall That Much Harder?

I May Not Be The Best But I Love You Better Than The Rest. Let’s Make Up And Be Together Again.

You Are The Beat In My Heart, The Music In My Laughter, The Tears In My Eyes. You Are My Whole World – Don’t Leave.

Our Future Hangs On This Note Of Apology! Accept It And Give Us A Chance.

My World Is A Better Place Because Of You. Don’t Walk Away.

I Would Wait Till The End Of Time To Be With You.

Sexy Whatsapp Status
If A Raindrop Would Mean … I Love You And You Would Ask Me How Much I Love You, I Bet You That It Would… Rain All Day!

You Are Just Not A Pretty Face, You Have An Even More Beautiful Heart. You Are My Princess And I Will Always Love You.

Every Time You Look Into My Eyes, It Makes Me Fall In Love With You All Over Again. I’m Honored To Have You In My Life. I Love You.

My Night Has Become A Sunny Dawn Because Of You.

So Many Questions Tonight, But The Answers Are So Few, All I Really Know, Is, I Miss You !

I Would Love To Photo You At Sunset To Get A Picture Of The Sun And The Moon Together ♥

I Love You Now Even More Than When I Started This Sentence ♥

Being With You Is Like Having Every Single One Of My Wishes Come True ♥

Sitting Alone… Feeling Lonely…. I Close My Eyes And Think Of You. I Love You.
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I Have Stopped Making Wishes On Spotting Falling Stars. Do You Know Why? Because I Have You And That’s All I Want In My Life.

You Always Smile, You Never Say No, You Never Hurt Me, My Dear Sweet Teddy Bear!

If I Could Give You 1 Gift, I Would Give You The Ability To See Yourself As I See You, So That You Could See How Truly Special You Are…

Every Second Spent With You Seem Like An Eternity Full Of Smiles, Happiness And Love. I ♥ Sweetie

I Want To Give You A Kiss, I Want To Give You A Hug. And I Hold You In My Arms, To Make You Feel Snug.

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