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Create a Gmail account is easy. Questions come when identifying with the account. One side maybe people from many languages brings big problems though is not the fault of the service, but unaccustomed to handle internet pages.

To access www.gmail.com sign in only does two things missing - know the email; know the account password. If we have both on hand or remember data that corresponds then we can move on to log on to the page.

In the “email” field must add the email address as it ‘s checked at the time. An example name is mail@gmail.com;mail_34@gmail.com. Then there is what is the password. Importantly, the system is case sensitive. Maybe we can make mistakes entering a character mismatch.

Anytime you are sure that all is well, give click the “Sign in ” button. It is a blue button in case you lose sight (although do not think so because this button is in a very visible part of the page). If you remember your user you can leave the box marked “Stay signed in”. With these small steps we can enter the e- mail account easily.

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