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Will Gmail is safe to enter what you want to come here. If you want to access your account you registered not long ago is very easy to access it with the information you leave on the topic you are reading. But yes, make sure you first open the page in your browser web page www.gmail.com.

Entering the Gmail page find a peculiar phrase “Sign into Gmail to continue” message and just below the two fields that need the information of Gmail mail account with which you want to enter the service. Of course, if you’re here that means you have a registered account on the service, if you have an account in your name, and sign up.

In the field “Email” will email the account, in the field “Password will put the correct password for the account you just wrote. When the two fields are in full order click on the blue button “Sign in ” to go to the home page of Gmail.

Remember that if you have problems logging into your account you can always press on the “Need help ?” To recover your password using the end phone number or using the names of the owner of the account that placed just at the time of registration.

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