How to sign into Gmail with your Google Account

Gmail is maybe the most popular email service in the world. Google allows its email users to access their accounts by writing the email address and the password, simple like that. The log in has a blue rectangle at the center of the page. In the white spaces you have to enter your username (Gmail account) and in the other white space you enter your password, look the screenshot bellow for more information about singing in.

If you mark the “stay signed in” little box, then you will let your account open. This means you won´t have to enter your username or password the next time you access your email. Remember; do not mark this option if you check your email in a public computer or your email will stay open even if you close the web browser.

Make sure the key “Caps locks” is not activated since this may cause problems when you are typing your password. Do not copy and paste your password. It is better to write it to avoid log in errors.

Once you finish the previous steps, click the blue button “sign in” and you will be linked to your email account. The interface is very easy to use. The inbox, sent emails, drafts and all documents are in the left panel. In the upper panel you have the Google browser and your account information. At the center you can read your email by clicking on them.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits that a Gmail user has. To log off your account just click on your account`s name in the upper right side, next to the “share button” and then click sign out. Gmail offers a simple but sophisticated interface to its users.

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