How to sign in Gmail account step by step

There is no doubt that Gmail offers the best email service in the world. Google, the giant of Internet services gives you the opportunity to have a free email account. One of the most important differences between Gmail and other providers is that you can enjoy a soft interface, more secure platform and 24 hours support. You also have access to a sort of Google applications like YouTube.

Go to the main page and you will be in the main page.

There are two spaces. The first one, “Email” is for you to write your username. In this step, write your email address. In the second space you have to write your account’s password. Pay attention to the “caps locks” key – if it is activated, you will probably have problems trying to access to your mail account. Do not copy and paste your password from the notepad o any other document. Google recommends to type it by yourself to avoid logging problems.

The little box “stay logged in” is to keep the session open even if you close your web browser. This is recommended only when you check your email in your own computer, otherwise everybody will have access to your account. If you need to write an email, click the red button “compose.” At the center of the panel, you can read your emails. At the top, you have your account control panel and the Google browser.

And that is all, now you are ready to send and read emails. Now you have signing into the best email provider. If you want to log off of your account is very simple. Click your username in the right corner at the top and then click sign out. Gmail is a very simple but innovate email provider.

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